Private Escort Services

There comes a time in every man’s life where there is a need to fulfil their sensual desires. At such times, many can resort to services which are not up to par both with the amount of privacy they offer and the health conditions of their escort workers in Newcastle. In such instances, a reputed establishment that caters to these sensual needs with privacy, safety and passion is required. 

At Discreet Gentleman’s club, we cater to your sensual needs with absolute privacy. With our name being a testament to our culture of privacy, you can rest assured that the information of your or your guests’ visit will not be leaked. Privacy is essential while seeking adult entertainment as a breach of privacy can lead to serious consequences in life at work and at home. Moreover, a breach of privacy in such a matter can also have serious implications on the social standing of a person which can lead to multiple problems itself. 

At Discreet Gentleman’s club we aim to satisfy all your desires with passion. Having a variety of escort workers available, you have the luxury of variety, so you can choose the lady which you fancy the most. All of our workers have had multiple health checks and are extremely inviting to all our guests. Having beautiful bodies, you can rest assured that these ladies will be able to fully satisfy your desires. 

We can also cater to larger events as well. With our buck’s party, you can have a great time with your friends as well. Our ladies, with their inviting nature and great personalities along with their sensual bodies will ensure that you and all your guests have a great time at our establishment. All of this pleasure will always be accompanied by complete privacy. 

We are a reputed brothel and have been one of the oldest in Newcastle. Such reputation only comes because of the quality of our services which have consistently met our customer’s high standards. We also provide escorts jobs to ladies looking to find work in this line of business. This can be a good opportunity to experiment with you body and to earn a decent income. With our strict policies, you can rest assured that you will have a safe working environment where everything is done with consent. With our great reputation, you can have the peace of mind of working in a safe institution with no health or privacy risks. 

All in all, at Discreet Gentleman’s club we strive to satisfy all our customers’ desires. With a large amount of ladies working for us, you can be certain that there will be a lady you fancy. With the luxury of variety, you can also be certain that your desires will be fulfilled to your satisfaction, all the while ensuring that your information is kept private. For more information, please log on to